About Tom
Tom Leonard is the former Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives and a current partner at the Plunkett Cooney law firm. Tom served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2013-2018 and was known as a conservative leader within the Republican caucus.

Tom earned a reputation as a straight shooter and bold leader. He took on complex issues and pushed back against powerful interests to solve some of our state’s most pressing problems, including crime, mental health, health insurance, and high car insurance rates. He stayed true to his core beliefs and left his mark with a conservative brand of leadership.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University Law School, Tom served as a prosecutor in one of Michigan’s most dangerous cities, bringing justice to crime victims and their families. As an Assistant Attorney General, he fought to enforce Michigan’s laws and our constitution.

Tom and his wife Jenell are small business owners who have created jobs and cherish the opportunity to invest in their local community and Michigan’s economy. Tom and Jenell live in DeWitt Township, Michigan with their two young children, Hannah and Thomas.

Tom’s Accomplishments
  • Voted Michigan’s most conservative legislator.
  • Recognized by the American Conservative Union for his principled voting record.
  • Fought to pass constitutional carry through the House of Representatives for the very first time.
  • A strong voice for the unborn, pushing for numerous bills to protect the right to life.
  • Championed legislative efforts to make Michigan’s government more transparent and accountable to taxpayers.
  • Appointed to the Genesee County Special Crimes Division.
  • Led efforts to protect property from unreasonable government seizure.
  • Supported greater funding for police, putting new, highly trained cops on duty.
  • Nominated for US Attorney by President Trump.
Tom Will!
Tom Leonard has spent his entire career standing up for those who do not have a voice. Dana Nessel and Gratchen Whitmer have left so many Michiganders behind with their radical, out of touch agenda. When they refuse to fight for Michigan — when they refuse to fight for you — Tom Will!
Fight Violent Crime
Violent crime rates are skyrocketing nationwide. Covid lockdowns have only made the matter worse. Instead of fixing it, rogue prosecutors are refusing to enforce our laws, turning their backs on our heroes in blue. More…
Fight Corruption
Michigan is sadly considered one of the most corrupt states in the nation. A recent study discovered Michigan is possibly 18 times more corrupt than the next closest state (Illinois). More…
Fight For Secure and Fair Elections
Trust in government starts with trust in our elections. Dana Nessel has broken that trust. Our election laws must be enforced, and Tom Leonard will get it done. More…
Fight Government Overreach
Joe Biden, Gretchen Whitmer, and Dana Nessel have turned their noses up at our constitution and the separation of powers. ‘Rules for thee but nor for me’ must end. Dana Nessel won’t stop it, but Tom will. More…
Fight For Our Most Vulnerable
Tom Leonard will get to the bottom of the still unknown nursing home deaths caused by Whitmer’s failed policies. More…
Choosing party above people
Dana Nessel claims to stand up for the vulnerable. She claims she is an attorney general for the people. Her record says otherwise. She hoped we wouldn’t notice. She hoped we would all forget, but she cannot hide from what she’s done. Michiganders deserve to know. They deserve better!